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Simone Wright on CHI FOR YOURSELF: A Big (intuitive) Hit

The Chi For Yourself interview with Simone Wright gave us lots of insights into how we can use our intuition to our greatest advantage. Don’t think you have intuition? Guess again. Simone reminded us that intuition is something we ALL have. And it’s something we can work on and develop. Some talking points from the interview:

  • Simone’s definition of intuition
  • Intuition is more natural than supernatural
  • The difference between being intuitive and being psychic
  • Simone’s early experiences with intuitive “hits”
  • How we get started using intuition in our lives
  • Intuition can help us heal
  • How intuition helped Simone decide on whether to accept the offer of a Reality TV show


Simone Wright is the author of First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition.


Picture of Simone Wright


You can hear the interview by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio logo:



JohnK  July 7th, 2014

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Join us today on Chi For Yourself for a conversation with Simone Wright, author of First Intelligence: Using the Science & Spirit of Intuition. Simone says that that while we all have the ability to use our intuition, in order to be actively intuitive — which means to be able to use it at will instead of by happenstance — we must develop the skill. Her book is intended to give readers all they need to know to do just that.

Hear the interview today at 4pm Eastern..1pm Pacific time at www.chiforyourself.com

Picture of Simone Wright

Simone Wright


JohnK  July 3, 2014

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