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Chi (pronounced “chee“) is defined as the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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On this episode of CHI FOR YOURSELF we learn about a self-help writing program designed to work for anyone who can compose a simple sentence get a fresh perspective on a familiar story— their own. Psychotherapist and freelance journalist Kim Schneiderman utilizes research-inspired methods to help people who are stuck — in a dead-end job, relationship, or stage of life — imagine themselves as the star of their own stories with the power to reframe and reclaim their personal narratives.

Drawing on the elements of a story that many of us learned in grade school, she helps readers assign titles to different chapters of their lives, observe recurring themes, identify supporting characters, and explore how the inevitable tensions of life create opportunities for personal transformation.

Schneiderman encourages readers not to be concerned about the quality of their writing. “Your masterpiece of living does not have to be, and isn’t meant to be, a masterpiece of writing,” she writes. “In this case, writing is meant to serve as a tool for self-discovery, not self-torture or eventual publication. All you need is a pen (or a keyboard) and a sense of adventure. So put on your story glasses, shift your perspective, and enjoy the journey!”

Kim Schneiderman is the author of “STEP OUT OF YOUR STORY: Writing Exercises to Reframe and Transform Your Life.”

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The Footsteps Making The Mark

Sep 16, 2015 • By

Our fingerprints don’t fade away from the lives we touch.

Sitting by the window pane, today the memories of childhood has suddenly started to re appear in my life in the form of tears. Being, a daughter of an army officer, I have changed many schools, localities, colleges, work places, till I am finally now in Delhi. I don’t know for how many days I will stay here.

We have met a lot of people in our life time. Each and every one of them had something to teach us, has left some memories to us. These endless encounters have shaped us into an individual what we are today.

The school friends we have had, some of them are still the best friends of us. We have leant to share our favourite tiffin, our favourite pencil, our favourite book, etc. The teachers there taught us the first basics of education. Remember the poems of jack and Jill and humpty dumpty?

We always seem to remember the first maid we have had at our home. She is very special for us for she took care of us when we were the most demanding children.

Still today, a tear drop rolls down from our eyes when we visit the empty halls and corridors of our alma mater.

In college, we have met the most diverse kind of people I guess. We have all had the following types in your groups or in college. The beautiful ones and the handsome lot, on which we had a hopeless crush. The ever bunker of classes, who taught us more lessons are learnt outside, the bully, whom every one feared, the Xerox uncle who saved our exam grades, the gate keeper, who almost became our friend, etc.

Work place has taught us to become the most competitive. Getting the demanding boss to the selfish colleagues, all of them have taught us the reality. They have been our true guides which the books of the college could not teach. From working over night to make reports, to staying quiet whenever you are wrong, all credits goes to your work place.

Not all those who wander are lost…

It is not needed to spend a lot of years with a person to know how he is, or to learn from him. Sometimes, a single encounter does the needful for us.

Once, I met a single mother, while I was in Mumbai. She fit all the definitions of a modern woman, yet was a poor lady. She worked double shifts as a maid and a cook, made food for her children at home, who were left by her drunken husband. I learnt many life lessons from her. I knew what love, hard work and sacrifice was.

YOU ARE LUCKY if you have met a numerous people. Every smile does not mean a happy face and every person has his/her own story. The book lessons can never teach you the realities of life. You only know to live a life, when you have met a lot of people. 


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