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Normal Is An “N” Word: Strike It From Your Consciousness Dictionary

If you missed the Annemiek Douw interview last week you can listen to it here by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio logo:

Picture of Annemiek DouwAnnemiek Douw says you can tap into and master your inner GPS. Annemiek Douw is the author of 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies.




Here are some talking points from the interview with Annemiek Douw:

  • An illness caused her to re-arrange her life
  • Those who “pass over” remain much as they were in life
  • People take their issues with them when they pass on
  • Some people can’t stop cheating on their partners

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Article: Normal Is An “N” Word: Strike It From Your Consciousness Dictionary

Are you normal? Are you sure? Then again, what is normal? Is it wearing the latest styles, or voting as your parents did, or being blonde, or adhering to the “true” religion?

Starting early in life most of us felt the pressure from our schools and our tribes to be normal. For generations society has put the emphasis on not being individual but on being like other people. Think, talk, and act like the crowd and you fit in. Step outside that box and you are called “weird” or at the very least “different”. But, drill down on this idea just a bit and you find that there is no such thing as normal. All of us are different. We all come from different backgrounds. Different nationalities, Different families with different looks, sounds, and actions. So why is it so important to be normal?

History is packed with the names of people who had no time for the notion of normal. The names are familiar- Socrates, Galileo, Jesus to name a few. Those who dared to live their truth knew that walking that path means not always being comfortable, reasonable, and “normal”. They knew that living in the moment set them free. They accepted the challenges and ignored the voices that said they won’t be able to or should not try to bring about positive change in their world.

At times you’ll hear “you can’t” or “no one has ever done that”, or “it’s impossible”. Resist the call to return to normal. Instead, go inside and find that strength that is born of who you really are. What I call your genuine self. All my life I heard the reasons why I must not do what I knew in my heart was really right, such as “we don’t do that”, “it’s too difficult”, and one of my favorites: “what will the neighbors think?” I was forced out of normal and onto the fringes of my environment. But as the years passed I felt more and more comfortable on the fringes. And as the years go by I find that a bonus of living my genuine life is a continuing sense of serenity. No feelings of euphoria, no bells and whistles. Just a knowing that I’m on the path laid out by my inner GPS.

Normal is realizing that all of us are different. Make self love your motivator and know that there is perfection at your inner-most level. You are unique. And that’s just fine.

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Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung, 1875-1961




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