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Manifesting Lite: Looking Back on Hop, Skip, Jump


picture of Marney MakridakisMarney Makridakis made her second CHI FOR YOURSELF visit last week, and she gave us some very different looks at manifesting! Marney is the author of Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life. Here’s a list of talking points from the show:


  • how Marney’s able to come up with all those word plays in her books
  • putting playful manifesting into a serious world
  • entrepreneurial types can benefit from playful manifesting
  • “jump-starting” the not very playful types
  • giving ourselves permission to lighten up
  • manifesting comes down to momentum
  • finding our place among the Hop, Skip, Jump steps
  • daydreaming toward manifesting
  • spending time in the Hop, Skip, Jump phases
  • what the reader can take away from the book


If you missed the program you can listen to the podcast by clicking on this player:





JohnK 11-24-2014

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Marney Makridakis on CHI FOR YOURSELF: Hop, Skip or Jump on Over!



Hear the CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with Marney Makridakis now. Marney visited us a couple of years ago to talk about her book Creating Time. She’s back with a lighthearted look at manifesting and a new book called Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Manifest a Meaningful Life.

Marney Makridakis

Marney Makridakis

Listen to the interview here: chiforyourself.com


JohnK 11-20-2014

“Marney” Happy Returns!: Welcome Back to the Creator of “Creating Time”

I want to give you the heads up on the next CHI FOR YOURSELF guest along with a couple of my random thoughts of late..

picture of Marney Makridakis CHI FOR YOURSELF welcomes back Marney K. Makridakis, author of Creating Time. Marney has a new book called Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life. Her intention is to help you discover your Play Personality and learn how to use it to create more experiences in which work feels like play, and struggle gives way to momentum, ease, and joy.

Note: The Google Hangout On-air is scheduled to begin an hour earlier than usual..at 12 NOON on Thursday November 20th on the Start page of chiforyourself.com. Of course the podcast will later be made available on iHeart Radio, iTunes, and other hosting sites.

Dividing line

Well, it seems that Consciousness refuses to die even when we do! Consider this from Sputniknews.com:

DeathWithScytheA four-year medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences conducted by scientists at the University of Southampton has found that some levels of awareness may continue in people after they are clinically dead. Continue reading article..




..and when the topic of the hereafter comes up around here we turn to a past CHI FOR YOURSELF guest Julia Assante, author of The Last Frontier. Click on the YouTube badge to hear her..

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