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A Life Transformed by Death: Luis Angel Diaz on Chi For Yourself

Well, another BlogTalkRadio snafu!! No reason you should be denied, though. I’m making the show available in this space. Click on the player at the bottom of this post to listen!

(Originally aired in October, 2010)

Picture of Luis Angel DiazOur Chi For Yourself guest Luis Angel Diaz endured a major shift in his practice and approach after the unexpected death of his 38 year old wife, with whom he was raising their 3 children. The shock and pain he experienced became a catalyst for a profound inner process in human discovery. He discovered that layers of negative emotional charge accumulate and are stored inside our bodies, causing many body-mind chemical imbalances and health/life challenges, and preventing us from experiencing peace and well-being. After several months of personal discovery, Luis began to apply this new approach with his clients. He observed his clients experience healing in a permanent way when they were able to transform these layers of emotional charge found in what he began to call “the cellular memory”. Luis named this new set of techniques “Cellular Memory Release” (CMR) and formulated it into a simple, easy to learn synthesis for training others. Operating from his Body-Mind Center in Nevada City, California, Luis has trained and educated hundreds of people in CMR since 1997. Luis Angel Diaz is the author of Memory in the Cells.




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