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CHI FOR YOURSELF Puts Time on Your Side With Helene Segura



welcomes: Helene Segura

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As ”The Inefficiency Assassin”, Helene Segura has spoken to thousands of go-getters, teaching them to manage stress by regaining control of their chaotic work and personal lives. She has coached hundreds of clients to improve their personal productivity and performance, and she has been featured as an organizational expert in more than 100 media appearances. Helene is the author of THE INEFFICIENTY ASSASSIN: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer.

Be here for Helene Segura on CHI FOR YOURSELF on Thursday April 21st at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific time at chiforyourself.com.

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picture of john kobikThe CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with Kira Asatryan spoke to the loneliness that many of us are feeling, even in a world that’s connected as never before. If you missed the program you can hear Kira talk about her book STOP BEING LONELY: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. Click on the player to hear the show..

  Here are some talking points from the interview:

  • So much loneliness in such a “connected” world
  • Closeness- it’s definition and it’s importance
  • Kira’s own lonely feelings
  • Loneliness and Silicon Valley
  • Loneliness and stress
  • Caring and getting close to people
  • Older doesn’t always equate to loneliness
  • What we can do now to feel less lonely


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“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”          ~Mother Teresa




Today on CHI FOR YOURSELF: Kira Asatryan

picture of john kobikOn this week’s CHI FOR YOURSELF we’ll be hearing from Kira Asatryan. We’ll learn why loneliness doesn’t only happen when we’re alone. She says it can happen when we’re with people. Sound familiar? Be with us for Kira Asatryan, author of STOP BEING LONELY: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. Today on CHI FOR YOURSELF. We get underway at 3:45pm Eastern time, 12:45 Pacific at chiforyourself.com. “See you” there..

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Kira Asatryan


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