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December 21 2012 A Day That Will Live in Levity: Lessons Learned From Yet Another End Time

My friend Ron told me the world would come to an end this Saturday. I must say the week went by slowly as I pondered the meaning of that statement. Ron’s family was on board with the prediction, too. It was a helpless feeling as Saturday approached. Well, Saturday came and went and no end of the world. In fact, a lot of Saturdays passed since that week of “doom”. The year was 1956, and Ron and I were 5 years old.

Here and gone again

My friend’s prediction was based on religion, not unlike much of the fear over the 2012 end- of- the -world prediction. Back in the late 1990s, I was skeptical when people began to worry about Y2K, the computer malfunction that was going to cause Armageddon, or at least a few cases of indigestion. Of course, Y2K came and went. No harm no foul. Well, December 21st came and went, and we’re both still here. Now what? I hope surviving the “end of the world” taught you not to listen to the paranoia of the media and the masses. Life is to be lived, not feared.

Now what?

There is a nugget of (interpreted) Mayan prophecy that I find interesting and somewhat hopeful. It says December 21st will mark the end of an era of darkness and usher in a new era of light. Come to think of it, that really doesn’t sound like an end of the world does it? Let’s go under the hood for a look at this one.
Like Y2k, it’s hard to believe that darkness and the forces of darkness will now suddenly pack up and go away. Remember there have also been visions of utopia and societies where there is nothing but light. Yes more light will shine, but darkness will hang around, causing disruption at home and around the world. It’s not an all-or-nothing-at-all proposition. Rather the light and the darkness are part of the prefection. To paraphrase Einstein, ‘we must decide whether we live in a friendly or a hostile world’. As we speak someone is feeling hate, someone else is radiating love. one person is crying ‘victim’, while another is designing his day.

A “to-do” list

Let’s take a calculated risk. Let’s assume the world will move along as usual. For our part, we’ll pay more attention to our inner voice and what we’re passionate about. For its part, the world will continue to do what it does and bring what it brings. Be the “noticer”..keep your attention on your state of mind, your fears, and especially on how you would like your life to be. I suggest you continue to act “as if”…bringing all you desire into your life, with all the power and faith in NOW on your side. Tomorrow (and I expect there will be one) will take care of itself.

Do this today. Do it now.


JohnK 12-21-2012


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MAYAN SCHMAYAN! Facing the New Year and an Old Calendar

Well, here we are- not two weeks from the infamous Mayan calendar”prediction” day of December 21st, 2012. There has been more prognostication around this date than we’ve seen in a long time. Say, around the year 2000. Remember the Y-2k scares? Armageddon housed in a micro-chip. Religious fervor brought to a chariot-riding climax. And the certain ruination of our entire supply of Skittles!
Two words for ya
It brings to mind another “master” of prediction- Chicken Little (who should have his own reality show, but we’ll save that for another post). C-Little kept announcing that the sky was falling..and kept announcing and kept announcing. When the sky didn’t fall it sort of took the sting out of the message.
Be here now
I have an idea as to how we might counter the fearful (silly?) thoughts about the approach of December 21st. It’s simple, really. Be fully present in the moment. That’s it. No more no less. Treat it as you would an affirmation. Stay in the moment, and if you stray just bring yourself back to the moment. No guilt and no judgement. In fact, you can reward yourself for a job well done as you continue to stay in the moment.  If you’re on a winter holiday at the beach, don’t think sad thoughts about when you’ll have to leave.  Be fully present in your surroundings and savor the sights .  When you’re eating a meal, be aware of its flavor and texture.  If you’re at a gathering with friends, keep your attention on their presence and not on things you’ve left undone. Ram Dass would be proud.
Consciousness, Yours and Mayan
Keeping a sense of the present moment is crucial now in 2012 and beyond. As we experience major shifts in consciousness you can be sure that we will face more challenges to our transformation. Staying in the now will prove to be a valuable navigational tool in maintaining a state of peace. Write it down if you’re prone to forget. That’s what I’m going to do.
Now, where did I put that 2013 calendar?

John K 12/7/2012