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Lost Love, Found Creativity, and the Next CHI FOR YOURSELF

picture of john kobik on being happierRelationship break-up. You’ve probably faced it somewhere along the line. Maybe you’re going through it now. Our next scheduled CHI FOR YOURSELF guest had a bad experience with a relationship breakup.


But she faced her pain and challenges, even acknowledging what she did to contribute to the relationship’s failure.

Tatiana Jerome began to heal and move beyond a broken heart to a better understanding of what would make her happy, and, most of all, of the type of love she deserved.

Tatiana Jerome is the author of LOVE LOST, LOVE FOUND: A Woman’s Guide to Letting Go of the Past and Finding New Love.


picture of Tatiana Jerome

CHI FOR YOURSELF with guest Tatiana Jerome- Thursday March 30th at 4 pm Eastern, 1 pm Pacific time at chiforyourself.com.

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Many people seem to have the mistaken idea that only a select few are able to unleash a steady flow of creative genius. This probably comes from the idea of ‘personality types’ that leads us to think our personality and style of working are set in stone.
That is not true at all. Our so-called personality type is simply a set of behavior patterns that we adopted in order to meet the different challenges of our early lives. Those behavior patterns can be changed.


JohnK 3-21-2017

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Susan Anderson Talks Abandonment on CHI FOR YOURSELF: Then and Now

picture of john kobikI’m sure you found last week’s interview with Susan Anderson helpful. She’s dedicated a lot of her working life on the subject of abandonment, and she’s felt so much of that pain herself! There are two interviews with Susan Anderson on this page:


picture of Susan AndersonThis interview was recorded this past Thursday (Aug. 25th) when we discussed THE ABANDONMENT RECOVERY WORKBOOK: Guidance through the Five Stages of Healing from Abandonment, Heartbreak, and Loss. In it Susan shares some of her tools for dealing with the pain of abandonment in a number of areas. If you missed the program you can hear it by clicking on the Blog Talk Radio logo:

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Here’s a list of talking points from the show:

  • Abandonment defined
  • Susan’s dealings with abandonment
  • How abandonment affects social status
  • S.W.I.R.L.
  • Death, rage, and abandonment
  • How abandonment is similar to PTSD
  • Overeating as abandonment
  • What we can do to heal right now

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picture of Susan AndersonThis interview was recorded in 2015 and it deals with Susan’s book Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment. Click on the Blog Talk Radio logo to be taken to the show.

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JohnK 8-28-2016

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The Week Ahead: Healing the Heart and Feeling the Passion

picture of john kobikIf you’re feeling the flood of feelings brought on by abandonment listen up! Our next CHI FOR YOURSELF guest makes her second visit to bring us tools and exercises intended to help you discover and heal underlying issues, identify self-defeating behaviors of mistrust and insecurity, and build self-esteem. Susan Anderson is the author of THE ABANDONMENT RECOVERY WORKBOOK: Guidance Through the 5 Stages of Healing from Abandonment, Heartbreak, and Loss.

Picture of Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

She’ll be with us on Thursday, August 25th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific time at chiforyourself.com

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man cryingThis week CHI FOR YOURSELF began a series on finding your passion. If you missed the post you can hear it by clicking on this player..



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…and, if you’re eating out this weekend- Choose whole grains over flour products. Something like oatmeal is more nutritious and has less fat than bagels, French toast, pancakes, or sugary cereals. For dinner, try a Thai or Chinese restaurant that serves brown rice rather than going for pizza and pasta.


Have a great weekend!


JohnK 8-19-2016

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listener animationOverheard:

” ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

~ Alfred Lord Tennyson




“Quiet Revolution”: Today on CHI FOR YOURSELF

picture of john kobikWe’re getting set for today’s CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with William Martin, author of  The Activist’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for a Modern Revolution.  Be with us at 4pm Eastern, 1pm pacific time at www.chiforyourself.com!


JohnK 6-9-2016

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We “Do the Tao Now”: This Week on CHI FOR YOURSELF

picture of john kobikIt’s more than 2-thousand years old, but our next CHI FOR YOURSELF guest says it’s just what we need to make positive change in our troubled world.

The Tao Te Ching is known for its enigmatic wisdom and yet William Martin says Taoism’s simplicity can be subversive and its flexibility a potent force. Martin is the author of  The Activist’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for a Modern Revolution.

William Martin is our scheduled guest on this week’s CHI FOR YOURSELF. Be on the call with us Thursday, June 9th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific time for a different approach to modern times. You’ll find us at chiforyourself.com.

picture of William Martin

William Martin


JohnK 6-6-2016

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Clipart image of overheardOverheard:

“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true self.”

~ William James

“Stop Being Lonely” (a how-to) and 2 CHI FOR YOURSELF replays

picture of john kobikHard to believe loneliness could be a reality for many of us given that we are sooooooo connected, followed, friended, and liked. But on our next CHI FOR YOURSELF we’ll hear from someone who specializes in helping lonely folks. In fact, Kira Asatryan has been there herself and she’s put her findings into a book called STOP BEING LONELY: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. 

picture of Kira Asatrayan

Kira Asatryan

Join us on the call for CHI FOR YOURSELF and guest Kira Asatryan on Thursday March 24th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific at chiforyourself.com.

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If you missed the last two editions of CHI FOR YOURSELF you can get caught up here…

picture of Dan MillmanListen as “Peaceful Warrior” Dan Millman talks about his book THE FOUR PURPOSES OF LIFE: FINDING MEANING AND DIRECTION IN A CHANGING WORLD. 

Start the player after you click here..


picture of LeslieBeth WishDr. LeslieBeth Wish is an award-winning, nationally honored psychotherapist and author of her research-based book, “Smart Relationships:  How Successful Women Can Find True Love.”


Start the player after you click here..


JohnK 3-7-2016

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“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”
~ Mother Teresa



It’s a Love Thing! Today on CHI FOR YOURSELF

Just a reminder that today’s scheduled CHI FOR YOURSELF guest is Dr. LeslieBeth Wish. We’ll be talking relationships, but no flowers and candy here. We’ll look at intuition and it’s part in empowering you to make better choices!

picture of LeslieBeth Wish

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish


Be on the call today at 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific at www.chiforyourself.com.

Next CHI FOR YOURSELF: A Love “Wish” Just for You

picture of john kobikSince Valentine’s Day is almost here I wanted to tell you that our next CHI FOR YOURSELF guest will be talking about love, dating, and other matters of the heart. Of course we won’t be talking about the “flowers and candy” kind of love. Instead, we’ll look at relationships from an intuitive level with our guest Dr. LeslieBeth Wish. Dr. Wish is a nationally recognized author, psychologist and licensed clinical social worker honored for her pioneering work in love, career, happiness, and success. She’ll look at ways your “inner voice” can guide you toward love and help you avoid relationship pitfalls.

picture of LeslieBeth Wish

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish on CHI FOR YOURSELF this Friday Jan. 29th at 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific. Go to chiforyourself.com at show time and click on the player to hear the show. We’d love to have you with us!

JohnK Jan. 27th, 2016

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First Place For a First Rate First Responder


picture of Dan WillisCHI FOR YOURSELF is delighted to tell you that a past guest on the show has taken top honors in New York City. Captain Dan Willis was with us in the fall of 2014 to talk about his book First Responders. Now, Dan’s book has landed a Books for a Better Life award.

Read the announcement from publisher New World Library and see a short video by clicking here:


And, you can hear the complete CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with Dan Willis by clicking on this player:



Congratulations Dan!


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Picture of Susan AndersonWell despite a problem with the YouTube screen the interview with Susan Anderson made it to the CHI FOR YOURSELF Start page. Our topic was what Susan calls the “outer child”. Her book is Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment. Check out some of the talking points from the show:

  • Personal challenges that moved Susan toward writing the book
  • Outer Child and Inner Child
  • Abandonment fear
  • The Outer Child’s entry and when we might first see it
  • Teaching parents to work with their kids and the Outer Child
  • The Outer Child’s effects and PTSD
  • It’s not about will
  • Society’s reluctance to “go inside”
  • Giving ourselves more self love
  • Consciousness and Outer Child Work

You can hear the CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with Susan Anderson by clicking on this player:


Be well!

JohnK 4-20-2015

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Clipart image of overheard Overheard..

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

∼Eleanor Roosevelt



Relationship Repair Retrospective

LoversSilhouetteI gotta say I was surprised to have both Susan Campbell and John Grey on the call last Thursday. I was under that  impression that only Susan was going to do the interview, so it was nice to have both with us for the Q and A. Susan and John are co-authors of FIVE-MINUTE RELATIONSHIP REPAIR: Quickly Heal Upsets, Deepen Intimacy, and Use Differences to Strengthen Love.

If you still haven’t heard what they had to say about quick relationship maintenance just click on the YouTube logo and you’ll be taken to the recording…

YouTube badge

Here’s a list of talking points from the show:

  • 5 Minute Relationship repair? Seems too good to be true!
  • Deep issues are at work here
  • Trouble tends to have its origins in childhood
  • Indicators of trouble in a relationship
  • Doing “quick repair”
  • Do we actually attract the wrong partners?
  • There’s brain science at work
  • The physical manifestations of relationship stress
  • Our core fears are at work
  • Relationship repair and gender roles
  • Couples who “get it right”
  • Something for couples not having problems


In a few days I’ll tell you about the guests who’ll be with us on the next show.

Be well..


JohnK 3-16-2015

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