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Inner Guidance From Your IGS: Amaze-ZEN!

picture of john kobikIt’s no secret that around here it’s all about the inner guidance. Our CHI FOR YOURSELF guest this week is going to tell us about a system that wants you to be happy, successful, and stress-free- and you need only to go inside to find it!

Zen DeBrucke is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker, and coach whose programs have helped people all over the world transform their personal and business lives for the better. She’s the author of YOUR INNER GPS: Follow Your Internal Guidance to Optimal Health, Happiness, and Satisfaction. The book is designed to teach you to tune into this guidance to learn the best course of action in every situation.

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Zen DeBrucke


That’s Zen DeBrucke on CHI FOR YOURSELF. This Thursday May 19th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific at chiforyourself.com 


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Empowerment was the order of the day when we welcomed Cara Bradley to CHI FOR YOURSELF. Cara’s the author of ON THE VERGE and she brought us plenty of encouragement to not be spectators of life but to instead cultivate ways to live beyond our busy minds and be present in each moment.

Here are some of the talking points from the show:

  • Cara defines “Verge”
  • Her a-ha moment at the age of 19
  • There’s no such thing as self-improvement
  • Living in the heart instead of the head
  • Why rhythm is more important that movement
  • Verge practices and strategies
  • Do we all have some “drama queen” in us?
  • Coming down from the bleachers and getting into life’s game
  • Cara’s time as a pro roller-blader
  • Advice for dealing with low self esteem moments


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“Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen.”
~ Vernon Howard

CHI FOR YOURSELF This Week: We’re “On The Verge” with Cara Bradley

picture of john kobikCHI FOR YOURSELF brings you empowering information, and this week we get a visit from the very empowered Cara Bradley, author of ON THE VERGE: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine. Cara’s a passionate teacher of yoga, meditation, and fitness who has been in the trenches of personal transformation as a “mental strength coach” for more than three decades. Her intention is to help us reach peak performance at home, at work, and at play.

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Cara Bradley

Hear Cara Bradley on CHI FOR YOURSELF this Thursday May 12th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific time at chiforyourself.com.


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“The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for.”

~ Joseph Campbell