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Got Resol-YOU-tions ?



We’re off to the resolution races- lose 20 pounds, move to a nicer address, take that tropical vacation.

As we move into another year I know that many of us are asking: What is it that really matters this year?

Are your New Year’s resolutions about the small things–getting organized, losing weight, getting in shape, being a little kinder…or about something wider and deeper?

There’s nothing wrong with making small commitments, but are they enough for you and who you intend to become, what you know you must do in this world?

Or are you ready to step into something bigger and more radical–daring to fulfill your passion to evolve not only a better self, but a better world and a more enlightened future?

May I suggest some inward inspection to start the process? Ask yourself:

  • What is happening in my life?
  • How is my health?
  • How is/are my relationship(s)? Really, how are they?
  • How are my finances? Do I enjoy my work?

Just a few ideas to take care of the inner self so that the outer results might be more satisfying.
Happy New Year!


JohnK  1-1-2013