Happiness- Could It Be In The Giving?

We begin our year with hopes aimed at greater happiness. A new job or relationship. Shedding some pounds. 

But, what is happiness?

Usually, it’s connected to what you can get from others and your environment. 

CHI FOR YOURSELF asks you to re-think happiness- by making it broader. It’s also about what you can give to others, and how giving gives you a purpose and a connection to your community.

Here are some ways you might put giving into your happiness formula:

happiness chart


By giving, you’re creating connections with those around you. Life stops being just about seeking satisfaction and it takes on a deeper layer of commitment.

Life is no longer all about you. It’s about creating a positive effect on other people’s lives. 



JohnK 1-5-2018

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 Happiness image of overheard man with purpose

Overheard:      “For it is in giving that we receive.” 
                                   ~Francis of Assisi



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