“Big Ups” For Big Love And Scott Stabile


Scott Stabile talks love

The CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with Scott Stabile offered us plenty of inspiration with a nice helping of humor. If you weren’t with us on the call you can hear the conversation by scrolling down the page to the audio player. Scott Stabile is the author of BIG LOVE: The Power of Living With a Wide-Open Heart.


Talking points from the show:

  • Why Scott chose the name “Big Love” for the book
  • The most important lesson from his parents’ death
  • His compassion showed early in life
  • Scott’s emotions today
  • Forgiving his parents’ killer
  • An example of “Genuine Living”
  • Scott’s big “flop”
  • Takeaway from the book

If the player doesn’t start, click on the Blog Talk Radio logo to listen–
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JohnK 12-18-2017

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Image for overheard for big loveOverheard:   “Enthusiasm moves the world.”

                       ~ Arthur Balfour



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