How To Find Your Calling


Finding and following your calling is a big part of living with purpose.This can be a large and intimidating task. Especially if you pressure yourself to come up with a quick and perfect answer.

Yes, the goal is worth pursuing. But you’ve also got to realize that it may take time to find your calling.

The process will develop over time. That’s something you can’t force. In fact, a much better plan of action is to take it one step and one day at a time until your calling becomes clear.

kid thinking about his callingStart With What’s Important To You
A great place to start is to think about what’s important to you. It doesn’t have to be huge or all-consuming.

Start with something small. Find a cause you feel drawn to and do what you can to support it.

Learn about your cause by volunteering. Then share what you’re learning with others. Make financial donations to the organization if you like.

This could include knitting baby hats for preemies at your local hospital. Or spending time with an elderly neighbor.

It might mean saving up for a mission trip next summer. The most important thing is to start and do something.

Listen To The Faint Inner Voice
Another great strategy is to listen to your intuition. Pay attention to that small voice that tells you what you need to do.

Learning to listen to this voice can be a bit of a challenge in today’s busy and noisy world. Spend some time contemplating your values. Educate yourself about causes that catch your attention.

Meditation or prayer can help you hear the voice that is your heart. Start taking action on what you’re hearing and what you know you should be doing.

Walk The Path Toward Your Calling One Step At A Timewalking toward a calling
Don’t let this process overwhelm you. It might be tempting to tackle a huge project and set out to change the world all at once.

While that’s a great ambition, it’s also something that can seem quite daunting and burn you out. Instead, take it one step at a time.


Choose your direction and get in the habit of doing something every week, or even daily. Do the things that align with your calling and help you reach your goals.

Pick something that’s easy to do and fit into your already busy life. No matter how small, every little act and effort helps you to make a difference and to serve with purpose.

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