(Correction) CHI FOR YOURSELF Guests and More “Free Stuff”

picture of john kobikThis email corrects one you may have received earlier. Let’s try it again:

I hope the CHI FOR YOURSELF series on being more productive is helping you. If you didn’t get to look over the helping points and actionable steps you can download the whole collection by clicking on this “Free Stuff” button:


Free Stuff

 You’ll be getting more such helpful info in the weeks to come… 




I’ve been working on scheduling upcoming episodes of CHI FOR YOURSELF. Some of the topics being considered include:

  • Relationship break-ups
  • End of life issues 
  • Healing today’s ailments with methods from days gone by
Naturally, you’ll get the details in a GenuLines post once interview schedules are finalized. Enjoy your week!
JohnK  3-5-2017

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