Tips to Get Through Winter and Get Things Done

get things done with john kobikWe’re well into another year, and the big holidays are behind us. Days can feel longer, especially if you live in a colder climate and you’re looking forward to Spring. I know how that feels. I grew up in snow and ice in the industrial northeastern US. But you still have to get things done, both at home and in the workplace. How do you keep your focus on the tasks at hand? 

This week GenuLines will suggest ways to stay in that “good energy” toward making it through the dark winter days and functioning at your best. 

Starting today and all this week you’ll receive a couple of “reminders.” They’re designed to get your attention on simple ways to help your productivity, even when your mind checks out and wants to hang out somewhere in the tropics! 

beach chairs in the sand won't get things done

At the end of the week, look for some actionable steps you can put into practice right away.



Do you want to be more productive? The following tips are easy to implement and can help you increase your productivity immediately. Being more productive will help you achieve your goals and success more quickly.


1. Don’t Multi-Task: Focus on one task at a time. This will ensure that you are giving your full attention to what you are doing and increase your ability to utilize the power of the flow state. Use your to-do list and pick off one item at a time.

2. Stay Hydrated: Make sure that you drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. You can, of course, drink other beverages that contain water such as regular or herbal teas but don’t consume too much caffeine. Maintaining proper hydration will ensure that your brain and energy levels are optimal.


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