Uncovering Your True Calling in Life

picture of john kobikHere it is, another Monday, and you’re hard at work. Maybe you’re thinking about someone who seems to be blessed with knowing just exactly what to do with his or her life. Maybe you’d like to know that feeling, too. And maybe you know there’s something special you’re meant to do but you’re not sure how to go about it. CHI FOR YOURSELF continues the series into “Finding Your Why” with ideas to help you move closer to your purpose.

Uncovering  Your  True  Calling  in  Life                                                                       

Many people believe that they have a true calling in life. This is something that they feel compelled to do, regardless of the odds. When you have this feeling, you are driven towards taking action. But what happens when you are not confident of where your true calling may take you?

It is very easy to mistake your true calling as nothing more than a mere dream or desire. You may feel as though you were meant to do this thing but finding the opportunity to follow your dream is holding you back. It can also be a frightening experience, to suddenly give up a stable job in order to follow a new path.

Many musicians and authors felt as though they had a true calling in life. They were always drawn to words or music in such a way that they couldn’t help themselves. There are many professional musicians who didn’t have the support of their relatives. Not until a family member saw them perform and saw how the magical allure drew the audience in, did they understand the passion.

Authors are the same way. They feel as though they have to write, no matter what. They lock themselves away for days or weeks so that they can put all those words onto paper.
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Even if you can’t manage to follow your true calling in life full time. There is no reason why you can’t put time and effort into it on a more part time basis. If you have that longing to write a book, then start writing it in your spare time. At least you are allowing yourself to follow your passion.

Not sure if you even have a true calling in your life? Most people do.The problem lies in recognizing it. Look toward your dreams and desires. Is there one thing that keeps popping over and over again?

If so, this could be your true calling. Examples of a true calling include becoming a doctor or nurse. Travelling to a distant country and doing mission work. Or your true calling could be raising money for a charity or working with young children or animals.

The next time you are sitting bored at your desk, let some of those dreams come to the surface. Then look for a way that you can work on one of them to make your dream a reality. Once you do, you’ll finally be following your true calling.


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Overheard: “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
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