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picture of john kobikTodays CHI FOR YOURSELF scheduled guest (Arthur Ciaramicoli-The Stress Solution) will help us lower our stress levels. This week is a great time to get you to thinking about some ideas you can consider to begin the process. Each day this week GenuLines is posting several “stress-busting” tips. Tomorrow, you’ll get some actionable steps that are easy to do and will help you nurture good chi! 🙂

man with check signTOP TIPS
Stress is an overwhelming force that interrupts our body’s natural ability to fend off disease. Use the following tips to help reduce your stress.



7. Diet:
Because stress is an energy-robbing force, maintaining a diet that can
replenish our energy is an important part of combatting it. Avoid foods that
make you sluggish and sleepy. Eating fruits and nuts are great energy foods.
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated as well.

8. Take a Vacation:
Companies offer vacations to their employees for a reason. It gives the
employees the ability to live life outside the company. It also helps the
employees get away from the situation that may be causing stress and lets
them see that there is more to life than just work.

9. Visit with Family:
Even if you choose not to take a vacation, spend more time with your family.
You can plan day trips here and there or you can just all be with each other for
short periods of time each day. If schedules are scattered, try to set up, at
least, two days a week where the whole family must be together for dinner.


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