Closing the Books on Opening to Meditation: And Up Next CHI FOR YOURSELF..


Last week’s visit to CHI FOR YOURSELF by Diana Lang gave us a great look at the simplicity of meditation. Diana is the author of Opening to Meditation: a Gentle, Guided Approach and if you missed the interview you can listen to it by clicking on this player:


…and here’s a list of some of the talking points from the program:

  • Meditation and the mystical
  • The media’s effect on meditation
  • How a meditation practice is good for one’s self-esteem
  • Why meditation is getting so popular
  • The connection between yoga and meditation
  • The effect of your practice on your relationships
  • Why we seem to have such a “disconnect” in our society
  • The difference between the spiritual and the religious
  • Dealing with mind chatter
  • Setting up a “sacred space”
  • The corporate community embraces meditation


Plans are being made for some outstanding guests to share their wisdom with us in the coming weeks on CHI FOR YOURSELF. On the next program we’ll take a look at Ayurveda- what it is and how it can help you. Details coming your way in another GenuLines post.

Be well..


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