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Our guest on the next CHI FOR YOURSELF says It’s often through negative feelings, traumatic experiences, and obstacles that we find humanity in the bottomless pit of despair and distress. Frankie Picasso should know. She’s been there! While in the hospital after a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Frankie worried herself sick over her three children who were scared and needed their mother at home. The first month in she lost her job to a Corporate restructuring, she went through a marital divorce, lost her position as a drummer in blues band, was replaced on Canada’s Masters Dragonboat team, (they were off to the World Championships in Shanghai), but the worst loss of all, was that of her beloved dog, who died 3 days after she came home from the hospital.

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Frankie Picasso


Frankie reminds us that it’s during these times of distress that we manifest what we believe about ourselves. Often it’s a manifestation of lack, limitation, hunger, war, disease, violence, poverty, homelessness, joblessness, racism, prejudice, anger, and jealousy. This contaminated thought has brought many people to believing that life is simply nothing more than obstacles, hindrances, and roadblocks. Frankie Picasso is the author of Midlife Mojo: How to Get Through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your True Self.

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