Weight Loss on the CHI FOR YOURSELF Menu- and Congrats to Matthew Fox!

As promised, a look at our next CHI FOR YOURSELF guests..

DrsMartinaBigPicJOY AND ROY MARTINA are amongst the world’s leaders in helping people get back into their power. Joy Martina is a Rapid Change Coach, the creator of the Christallin Oracle Training, a master hypnotist, a trainer of trainers and a co-author of six books. World-renowned holistic medical doctor and European thought leader Roy Martina M.D. is the creator of the Omega Healing Method and author of over 70 books (currently translated into more than 10 languages)

One of those books is an international #1 bestseller Emotional Balance. Roy was with us several years ago to talk about the launch of that book. This time Joy and Roy have teamed up to produce Sleep Your Fat Away. They’ll be talking about their method of becoming naturally slim by retraining your unconsciousness mind to overcome addictions and change lifestyle habits in order to attain optimum weight and become the healthiest YOU possible.

Be with us on the call Thursday April 2nd at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific time at www.chiforyourself.com.

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Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit is out with it’s list of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2015. On the list is twice-visiting CHI FOR YOURSELF guest Matthew Fox

picture of Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox, author of Meister Eckhart, Christian Mystics, and The Hidden Spirituality of Men, is a preeminent scholar and popularizer of Western mysticism. He became an Episcopal priest after being expelled from the Catholic Church by Cardinal Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XV.

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On another April episode of CHI FOR YOURSELF we’ll learn about the Outer Child. You may be familiar with the Inner Child concept but our guest will tell us that the Outer Child works in harmony with the Inner Child in self-defeating ways. That’s next month on CHI FOR YOURSELF. Details to come..

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