Relationship Combat: Easing Love’s “Cold War”


Valentine's Day HeartButton pushing, fights, and cold, smoldering, silent resentment. Remind you of your truly beloved? On the next CHI FOR YOURSELF we’ll look at these and other issues facing many couples. Our guest will be Dr. Susan Campbell, co-author with Dr. John Grey, of Five Minute Relationship Repair.  Dr. Campbell has long worked as a relationship coach and teamwork consultant to Fortune 500 companies and has authored six books.

picture of Susan Campbell

Dr. Susan Campbell


Some of the areas (usual suspects?) we’ll explore:

What should a couple do if they find themselves having the same fight over and over?

Why do we often feel afraid to speak honestly to the one we love the most?

Can couples really repair things in five minutes?


Plan to be on the call when CHI FOR YOURSELF welcomes Dr. Susan Campbell on Thursday March 12th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific. Just visit at that time and click on the video player. See ya there..


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