CHI FOR YOURSELF Looks Ahead to 2015


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We’re excited about the topics we’ll be exploring on CHI FOR YOURSELF in the upcoming year! These include:




Re-training the unconscious mind to gain better health..

Gratitude and its roll in happiness..

How facing world problems can make our lives more meaningful and satisfying..

I hope you’ll be with us in 2015.

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If you missed the interview with Gina Vucci, co-author of The Relationship Handbook,

you can listen to the interview here..



Here are some of the talking points that were covered:

Gina on her association with Shakti Gawain
Talks about her workshops on relationships
The relationship with the self
Relationships and consciousness
Gina’s take on a “higher power”
Healing through 12 Step programs
Addictions in relationships
What the “shadow self” has to say to us
The perils of shadow self denial
Moving on after a relationship ends
One thing to keep in mind about relationships


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