Wallowing Over Google Gremlins :-( And a Link to The Tina Gilbertson Interview


Picture of Tina GilbertsonApologies for problems on the Google Hangouts page that muted the audio for the Tina Gilbertson interview! Tina is the author of Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings by Letting Yourself Have Them. Tina turned conventional wisdom around with her explanation of how “constructive wallowing” can help in dealing with feelings. A list of talking points follows, and you can hear the interview by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio logo.


CHI FOR YOURSELF guest: Tina Gilbertson talking points:

  • Isn’t wallowing an oxymoron?
  • Having a good cry might not be enough
  • Self-criticism is not healing
  • Anger, temper, and wallowing
  • The T.R.U.T.H. Technique
  • Hatred, and working through it
  • Self-compassion toward yourself
  • Trying to replace a feeling with a thought
  • The benefits of constructive wallowing
  • Forgiveness- the policy and the emotion
  • The wallowing end-point


You can hear the CHI FOR YOURSELF interview with Tina Gilbertson by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio logo:



JohnK 9-12-2014

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