Feeling Down- Your First Step Toward Feeling Better



“Constructive wallowing” seems like an oxymoron. Constructive is a good thing, but wallowing is bad. Right?

But wait a minute; is it really so terrible to give ourselves a time-out to feel our feelings? Or is it possible that wallowing is an act of loving kindness, right when we need it most?

We’ll look at these questions and more on Chi For Yourself when we’re visited by Tina Gilbertson, author of Constructive Wallowing:How to Beat Bad Feelings by Letting Yourself Have Them.

Tina will be the guest on Thursday, September 11th at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific time. You’ll be able to hear the interview at chiforyourself.com


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Tina Gilbertson



JohnK 8-12-2014

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