Got Resol-YOU-Tions? Our Genuine Best to You in 2014!

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We’re off to the resolution races- lose 20 pounds..move to a nicer address..take that tropical vacation.
May I suggest some inward inspection to start the new year? Ask yourself:

  • What is happening in my life?
  • How is my health?
  • How is/are my relationship(s)? Really, how are they?
  • How are my finances? Do I enjoy my work?

Just a few ideas to take care of the inner self so that the outer results might be more satisfying.
Happy New Year!

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Don’t’ forget that we’ll be launching another year of first run Chi For Yourself episodes on January 9th. Our guest on that day will be Meagan McCrary. Meagan is a Los Angeles based freelance writer and yoga teacher who has worked one-on-one with some of the entertainment industry’s leading professionals. Millions of us practice yoga, but what kind is best? We’ll “pose” the questions to Meagan at 1pm Pacific..4pm Eastern time. You’ll be able to hear the interview live on the Start page of

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Meagan McCrary


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And finally, we say goodbye to 2013 with a heartfelt thanks to the guests whose Conscious Talk helped to keep us on course toward genuine living! If you missed any of the shows you can catch up here..

Morgana Rae

Allen Klein

Ajayan Borys

Polly Campbell

Tammy Strobel

Thomas Sterner

Eric Maisel

Luis Diaz

Maggie Oman Shannon

E. Dee Conrad

Karuna Cayton

Tony Burroughs

Brad Warner

Cynthia Gill

Dr. Roy Martina

Dr. Thomas Bien

John Selby

Chetan Parkyn

Erica Tucci

Echo Bodine

Kuwana Haulsey

Annemiek Douw

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Jason L. Jeffers

Allen Klein


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