Echoes of The Dead and The Dying: A Look Back at The Echo Bodine Interview

Finally got the problems with the BlogTalkRadio/Echo Bodine post ironed out. We seem to have our challenges with BTR from time to time and if you listened to Friday’s (attempted) airing of Chi For Yourself you know what I mean. So if you didn’t get to hear Echo on BTR here’s a fresh (and corrected) version of that interview..



Here are some talking points from last week’s show with Echo Bodine:


  • Describes the soul as a sort of ‘personality’
  • Wrote the book after watching the dying process
  • Says we should ask the dying about their lives
  • What grieving is like for a psychic
  • She’s not afraid of what death will bring
  • Some very well known souls are doing well on the ‘other side’


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