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Since this is Labor Day for many in the West, I thought today’s article should reflect the mood of the day. But first, I want to remind you that the interview with Cynthia Gill has been posted. If you are the parent of a grade school age boy you’ll want to listen in. Cynthia has lots of experience in the classroom, and her book Jump Starting Boys addresses the difficulties many boys have by the time they reach 4th grade.

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Don’t Let the Collective Consciousness of Others Control Your Life


Expert Author Steve Cruize

There is a common mistaken belief that suffering, agony and distress can be placed upon us by other people. However, such conditions never exist due to the actions of a single individual. Negative circumstances that plague certain people within any community, family, country and culture are brought on and sustained by the collective consciousness of that group. Both the origin and resolution to our troubles lie within us and not in the criticism of some vague external force.

Every situation in life is an effect that was produced by a cause. This cause-and-effect sequence applies to both the good and bad things that appear in any individual’s experience. However, people often make the mistake of attributing the cause of negative consequences to the doings of some other person, system or organization. This reasoning is entirely off the mark when it comes to identifying the true basis of our everyday difficulties. The deliberate creation method puts you in command of your everyday experience.

If you were confronted frequently by an aggressive coworker, you may start to think of this person as the sole source of your problems. The real basis for your troubles, however, lies within the collective consciousness of your particular company or department. Each organization of people is held together by a popular body of ideas. This set of concepts is known as the group’s collective consciousness. If your colleague has assumed the role of workplace “tormentor,” it is because the collective consciousness of your company supports him in this position. He could not operate in such a capacity by his choice alone. He is just one person among many. Each person of the group, yourself included, must cooperate with the implied terms of your adversary, either consciously or unconsciously. Otherwise, he would be rejected from the group and replaced by someone who was more in harmony with the common line of thought.

Look around and you will notice that the same state of affairs is played out daily wherever you turn. Why do very cruel people sometimes assume and remain in positions of power? It is because the belief set of those under them allow the unjust possession of authority and status. The same circumstance can also be seen in abusive families and relationships, where one individual can control others through coercive strategies. If the people who make up such groups were not aligned with such an oppressive reality, either consciously or unconsciously, it would not be able to exist.

Now, let’s expand on how the collective consciousness of others can control your life. Remember, that which you frequently focus on creates the basis of your reality. Everywhere you look, negative messages are being sold. News reports are filled with warnings of present and pending disaster. Marketers are continually producing advertisements that make you feel bad about yourself and then pitch their product as the sole solution. We have come to live in a world that begins teaching us to think negatively very early in life. When millions of people spend most of their days focusing on bad things, the collective consciousness of those people will assure that the things they fear continue to exist.

The process of deliberate creation requires you to take responsibility for what you experience. Blaming another person for your troubles places you in the role of a victim. If you hold an idea of victim hood in your mind, you will attract more occasions to be victimized. This is a vicious and self-perpetuating cycle. Any form of energy you send out will resonate with and attract that which is on the same vibrational frequency. History shows us that declaring war against ideas like poverty and drug use only produces more of the same. As long as we look outside of ourselves for solutions, they will continue to elude us.

The only way to improve society is to teach others through example how to produce through deliberate creation. You can not give what you do not have. In order to improve the circumstances that you observe on a day to day basis, you must be the good that you wish to see. One of the best ways to get what you want in your life is to help another person have it first. Focusing on the negative will only serve to prevent what you from getting what you want. When you assume an attitude of giving, however, you place yourself in direct alignment with that which you give. We are all individual parts of one creative mind. By sending out thoughts of what you want for yourself and others, you add to the solution and not the problem.

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