Out With the Clutter and In With The Good Chi- Day 3

We’re winding down the declutter process and today we’ll talk a little about where you’re spending your time and attention. ‘What does that have to do with clutter’, you ask? Well it’s possible to clutter your life with the things and people you commit to and the thoughts you choose to hold.

Your time is parceled out to various needs- family and home life, friends, religious and neighborhood. Make a list of your commitments. It might surprise you to actually see where your time goes. I like to use the 80-20 approach. This is called Pareto’s Principle, after the guy who is credited with inventing it. I look for the roughly 80 per cent of time well-spent from 20 per cent of my endeavors. If you can put this to work for yourself you can keep the good stuff in your life and shed those efforts and thought burners that are a drain on your time. Look at your list and decide whether each item really brings you enjoyment and value. Ask yourself if all of these things are worth your time. Be honest, and know that separating from some of your ‘time vampires’ might mean saying “NO” to someone-you may have to be less accommodating in the way you budget your time.

If your daily schedule has no rhyme or reason it might be time to add a little structure to the mix. Start to bundle your tasks. Instead of driving to the grocery store for different items on different days of the week, set up a schedule that lets you ‘make the rounds’ and get all of your items in one trip. A list would do nicely here. Post it where you can see it and follow it. Structure just might bring a new sense of serenity and order to your life.

JohnK 4/18/2013

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo DaVinci




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