Finding Your Bliss: Passion is Always in Fashion

magnifying glassMany of us are cemented into professions and personal situations that we never consciously planned to pursue. We have a tendency to blame these on circumstances, and we decide to live with what is sometimes barely tolerable. I suggest we keep in mind that we have a purpose, and our life’s work is a big part of it. Think of your life’s work as a collection of features that allows you to express your creativity and intelligence while you live in harmony with your values. You relax into just being yourself. This allows you to experience the joy of living your genuine life.The normal everyday job can demand more of  you than you really want to give. This sets you up for problems ranging from frustration to physical illness. But your life’s work asks only that you have passion for it.

To find your purpose in life take note of your interests today, and the passions that kept your attention in the past. Maybe you felt drawn to a certain profession or endeavor throughout your younger years, only to be diverted from your path by the time you reached adulthood. Or you may be hearing a small voice that’s pulling you toward something  you’ve yet to explore. Narrow it down. In fact, spend some time meditating on it. Ask the universe to clarify your life’s work by providing signs and be sure to pay attention.

Maybe you like to get your hands dirty. Ask yourself what will let you do that. Or you may be leaning toward some other area of the work you’re already doing. If you want to help the human condition on a larger scale then consider whether you skill set and abilities can take you in that direction.  Make an inventory of your strengths, passions, beliefs and values. These can help you narrow your search if you don’t know where to begin.

Know that your journey toward a life purpose may not be a straight line. You may need to redraw your personal map more than once during your lifetime. For example, you may have spent years at home raising a family, only to find out that now  you’re being called away in a different direction. Your life’s work may be something that brings little recognition or financial compensation. But your passion for it will always give it meaning. You’ll know you’ve found your life’s work when each day starts with a good feeling about what you’re doing, and for the person looking back at you in the mirror.

John K  1-23-2013

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