Need Good Reasons To Donate To Charity?


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We all hear pleas for charitable donations every day. TV has commercials as do radio stations. Billboards ask us to give. People ringing bells in front of stores with little red buckets, door to door solicitors, and the guy on the street all of these are chances for us to give to someone less fortunate than ourselves. Why do we give? Some people give to charity to feel good. Some give to make up for something bad they may have done. Others give because they can use it on their taxes as a deduction. Still others do it simply because they believe that it’s just the right thing to do. Many people with many reasons to give. Maybe you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart. If a family member has died of cancer you may feel the need to give to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund. There are few serious diseases and afflictions that do not have some form of charity set up. Most people have been touched by a serious affliction, disease, disability, injury… you name it. Despite medical science’s best efforts, there is no shortage. The only real question is whether or not you feel the desire to give to a charity in the first place. Technically, you don’t even have to give to a charity that has anything to do with humans. Animal Fairy Charities, for example, is a charitable organization that assists stables, humane societies, shelters and more in the pursuit of helping those of God’s creatures that cannot help themselves. There are charities for other countries as well. You’ve all seen the starving children and heard some celebrity ask you to help feed the children. So to whom will you give your charitable donations?Must you give cash?Everybody loves cash if for no other reason than it is so very versatile. Cash (or checks) can purchase whatever the charitable organization needs at the time. But donations of other types are just as needed and wanted. Animal shelters love pet supplies. Hunger task forces love non perishable foods. Goodwill, The Salvation Army, St. Vincent, the blind… all take donations of furniture, house wares, clothing, toys and more. There is little that is not accepted. And everybody has old clothes or gently used items that they simply don’t want or need anymore. These facilities give receipts as well, so don’t forget to get your reward for being a good citizen.


  1. Tenten says:

    Donation is one thing that can make people happy specially to the one that needs food everyday and most likely there are more very grateful to someone who really help.

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