This Thanksgiving Cop an Attitude- of Gratitude


Picture of a dinner tableThanksgiving is one day a year when we get together to celebrate all the great         things we have in life. But why should this happen only one day a year when there are things to be grateful for each day of the year?
You’ve heard the phrase “what you focus on expands.” So if you focus on all the things you’re grateful for instead of all the things that aren’t working, the universe will bring you more things to be grateful for and fewer of the things that aren’t working.

Some of the things on my mind this holiday.. particular, this moment in time. It’s all we really have- the eternal now. Nothing better than spending it with the people in my life. And, I’m also grateful for the time I got to spend with those whose time has now run out. I miss them all.

Home- mine is a fine one, and located in a place I never imagined I’d be living. I hope you’re as happy in your living arrangement as I am in mine.

Appreciation- for all that’s come my way: health, happiness, and abundance.

Namaste- the God force in me recognizes the God force in you.

Kindness- if you have the choice to be right or kind, choose kind.

Stillness- always the place to go and to be. Answers found here.

This year as in years past I’m thankful for you..for coming to these pages and for listening to Chi For Yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!


JohnK 11-21-2012

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