The Universe Always Bats Last- Surrender Your Way to Consciousness

Sometimes we go back to living in our heads. Sure, we thought we were past that stage. But it’s easy to slip back into the habits that keep us from taking heart-centered action. I woke up this morning with my to-do list and plans for the day fully in gear. Much of my activity would have me outside, in the sunshine, the elements. But wait! It’s raining..suddenly a change of plans..


        Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

Those are the words of the great UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. Keeping busy is not necessarily a sign of meaningful activity. On this rainy day it might be best to let the rain fall and use the occasion to go into a mode of gratitude. Gratitude for the needed rain..for the chance to have all the abundance that the rain will bring..for a chance to change the schedule that the universe somehow knew had to be changed.

Surrender as a Strength

Surrendering our plans and concerns to the universe doesn’t mean that we’ve given up or have been defeated. Instead, we’re releasing and thus freeing ourselves from investment in the outcome. Environmental types sometimes use the baseball metaphor ‘nature always bats last’ when reminding us that nature has the last word. We can make the change we need and realize our dreams when we finally let go and allow the universe to ‘swing for the fences.’

JohnK  10/11/2012

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