Got Them Ol’ Red and Blues Again- Thinking Outside of The (Ballot) Box

I rarely feature postings of a political nature, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. We’re seeing enough of those anyway. No, this is a twist on the usual offerings that roll around about this time every four years. The pseudo-entertainment (reality shows?) of any political “season” keep us locked in verbal combat, not to mention bound to the television screen, as we await the assorted missteps of the pols.
Meditate on This
It occurred to me a long time ago that it doesn’t matter who wins the elections…No, I mean, it reeeeeeeeeeeely doesn’t matter! We’ve allowed elections to represent yet another external- a way of looking outside of ourselves for answers to questions we would rather not ask ourselves. If it’s true that we get the government we “deserve” then doesn’t it stand to reason that our leaders are a reflection of our consciousness at this moment?
Indian Giving
Time now to invoke Gandhi’s we must be the change we want to see. Tired of your country’s constant warfare? Check your own thoughts for any violent content. Pointing guilty fingers at individuals or groups that just seem to cause all the problems? Consider your tendency to rush to judgement.  Feeling cranky about budget deficits, whether the government’s or your own? Could be scarcity consciousness at work.
Read My Lips
Recently I stumbled upon a re-tweet that got me to thinking. It read as follows:

We dream of a universe where leaders work tirelessly & selflessly to fulfill the highest aspirations of the human soul.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’re not anywhere close to realizing those highest aspirations of the human soul. I’m throwing my support behind soul searching- this year and every year with no term limits.  I don’t know the exact value of one vote but I have seen the power of changing thought. One person can make a difference. In the  home, the community, the nation, and eventually in the world. Vote for that change. And vote often!

JohnK 9/26/2012

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